The materials you need:
  • Aluminum angle, bar, plate, pipe, tubing and sheet
  • Hot roll angle, bar, beams, tubing, pipe, plate and sheet
  • Cold finish bar and sheet
  • Stainless angle, bar, tubing, plate and sheet
  • Expanded metals, bar grating, stair treads and more...

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- Charles Darwin


Harbor Steel's commitment to quality is simply stated as: "100% effort" to satisfy our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is obtained through our quality system which includes a strategy of:
1. Adhering to the current ISO standards
2. Listening to and understanding our customers needs and expectations
3. Continuously reassessing and improving our quality management system
4. Taking the time to do it right the first time
The employees of Harbor Steel must adhere to the directives of our quality manual and the standards to which they apply, as well as the spirit of our quality policy. We fully support our efforts to continuously improve our quality management system, and meet our commitments to our customers.